Top 5 Best Watering Equipment in India

TOP 5 BEST WATERING EQUIPMENT IN INDIA CINAGRO™ – HEAVY DUTY 3 LAYERED BRAIDED WATER HOSE PIPE 3 Layered All Weather PVC Braided Water Pipe Size : 1/2 inch( 0.50 Inch) – Length : 20 m(65 Feet) – Includes 8 Mode Nozzle Spray, 1/2 inch tap connector and 3 clamps for leak proof operations Used … Read more

Top 5 Best Planters in India 2021

TOP 5 BEST PLANTERS IN INDIA 2021 FIRST SMART PLASTIC RECTANGLE POT Material: Plastic, Color: Brown Item Dimension: 35 cm x 18 cm x 14 cm Package Contents:3-Pieces Pots Dimension: 13 x 35 x 18 cm Won’t crack, break or fade, It features a rectangular design and pleated textures over its brown-colored surface Lightweight, durable … Read more

Top 5 Best Composters in India

5 Best Composter in India TRUSTBASKET ORGANIC VERMICOMPOST FERTILIZER MANURE FOR PLANTS ***Buy Original, sold and fulfilled by Trust basket*** Improves Soil Aeration Enriches Soil With Micro-Organisms (Adding Enzymes Such As Phosphatase And Cellulase) Microbial Activity In Worm Castings Is 10 To 20 Times Higher Than In The Soil And Organic Matter That The Worm … Read more

What is Vermicompost?

Vermicomposting involves using earthworms to decompose organic waste to be able to produce a much faster compared to normal composting. The worm population is self-regulating and will increase to the level that available space and food constrain further expansion. The procedure has to be monitored for such parameters as moisture content and temperature but isn’t … Read more