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Garbage Disposal Reviews & Buying Guide

You aspire to live in a clean environment within the confines of a clean home.

Often when you don’t get the same, you blame external forces for it, not ready to take any blame yourself.

In reality, you can make a significant contribution to keeping the immediate environment clean.

You may start by effectively handling the kitchen garbage. And one of the first steps to do it is to pick the best garbage disposal.

Over the years, this faction has been eminently researched and analyzed upon; resulting in a slew of quality garbage disposal units.

These bring an electronic affliction to the whole system, as you bid goodbye to the daily act of disposing of kitchen garbage in a bag and then the vat.

ModelHorsepowerProduct DimensionsItem WeightVoltageGrind chamber capacityGrinding Speed
InSinkErator Evolution Excel1.0 HP9 x 9 x 13.5 inches26 pounds120401725 RPM
Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP½ HP14.6 x 7.5 x 7.4 inches14.2 pounds115261725 RPM
Waste King Legend L-8000TC1.0 Hp9.8 x 9.8 x 19.1 inches16.1 pounds115 volts33.52800 RPM

Picking The Best Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units should not be picked up on a whim. You must consider various factors before making a selection.

One of the foremost considerations is value addition.

You also have to look at the price and capacity of the disposer and assess whether it would suit you or not.

You should make sure that the best waste disposal unit is energy-efficient as well.

The quality units are so convenient that you don’t find any problems either while installing garbage disposal or removing garbage disposal.

You should also look at the noise quotient; the best ones don’t make too much noise.

Some of them, in fact, usher such little noise that you may easily carry on a casual conversation even while it is working.

Best garbage disposal units are divided into two categories; continuous-feed and batch-feed.

The former is preferred by many, especially those with large families and busy kitchens.

The latter takes time to complete its process but is a lot more secure particularly when it comes to electric shocks.

There are notable exponents of garbage disposers in both categories.

How To Install A Garbage Disposal

Nowadays, garbage disposers come with such facility that even commoners can easily learn how to install a garbage disposal.

Yet, it is advisable to take professional help while getting the disposer installed. You should disconnect the dishwasher; close the water flow in the sink and shut off the main circuit.

Clean the sink and take out the mesh. You should then flange in the disposer mount from beneath the sink and screw in the disposer. The flange and the gasket should be perfectly aligned.

Once, the mounting is done; you should reconnect the dishwasher, open the water flow, and switch on the main circuit.

Pour cold water into the sink and see whether the water flows smoothly into the drain. Viola; the installation is complete.

Now, based on various considerations, you can pick from a profusion of best garbage disposal units.

You should take time to go through garbage disposer reviews to get a good grip on the subject.

Look at the pros and cons of the disposer and check whether the downside would pose too many problems for you.

There is nothing more enlightening than lucid and probing garbage disposal reviews.

For your convenience, we are placing eclectic reviews of the three best garbage disposal units.

1. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

KitchenAid 1/2HP Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer Disposal KCDB250G

Now, this product has a credible balance of highs and lows and is a super choice for small families.

The ½ Hp motor may not cut ice for families with regular cooking going on. This also means that there is only two-stage grinding possible, which fails to cut through very large or hard food items.

The noise element is brought to a negligible amount with its strategic anti-vibration units.

There is also a Polystyrene Sound Barrier to effectively curb the noise. The less-powerful motor creates less noise.

There are swivel impellers in place to throw out the clogging agents. The stainless steel design is there for stability, protection, and a chic look.

The product involves continuous-feed processing and thus it offers a fast rendition of garbage.

You may fill in even as it works.

This has a panel that can be connected directly to the circuit, thus whisking off the presence of mediatory electrical units.

The problem lies in its average grinding capacity, which makes it unsuitable for large families.

You should take care not to fill it with too many large food items.

It is quite easy to install and mount if you just follow the manual instructions.

The price is quite reasonable at $100 and the facilities offered by the product are consummated at the price.

You get a 5-year warranty on labor and parts, which is decent if not exceptional.

It a decent product for the price, taking into account its capacity and noise elimination Polystyrene Sound Barrier noise elimination technology.

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2. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage DisposerThe product is an assimilation of too many technologies, which makes it one of the most proficient in business.

It has three-stage grinding stages strengthened by Shear Ring, Tri-Action Lug System and Undercutting Disk.

There is also a jam sensor in place which updates you whenever it gets clogged.

The 1 Hp motor helps in the optimum grinding process. The noise level is minimized through sink baffle, anti-vibration units, and proper insulation.

Resultantly, it can cut and crush even large food items with effortless ease and with minimum noise.

It also comes with inherent overloading protection and does not demand too much voltage and amperage for activity.

Its stainless steel design accords its efficient protection and also enhances its outlook.

The product has a downside though. It incorporates batch-feed processing, which means it only activates when it is full.

This makes it a time-consuming product but makes sure that you won’t get electric shocks while depositing garbage since it is idle at the time.

The components are all passed after too many checks for authenticity.

It is a bit pricey at $330 and this factor dilutes its overall impressive portfolio by quite a bit.

It is compatible with a dishwasher and septic tanks and this is a resounding positive in its favor. It is easy to mount and install.

It offers 7 years of warranty including labor and parts; which is considerable.

Overall, the product is an ideal choice for moderate to large families with an averagely busy kitchen.

Prominent Features:
  • Multi-stage grinding – Now, the first thing you look for in the context of garbage disposal is the capacity of grinding. Evolution Excel incorporates three stages; three extremely technological stages that turn even hard and full food items to almost a liquefied state. The 1 HP motor knows its job and goes on grinding until the result is gained. When it comes to grinding, this product has no peers.
  • Noiselessness – This is not to say that it is completely noiseless. It doesn’t operate in a vacuum after all. Yet, its well-placed anti-vibration units and sink baffle reduce the noise levels to a zone of normalcy which hardly bothers you. The effects are delightful when you compare it with standard disposers.
  • The outlook – Evolution Excel seems a page out of a Stainless Steel factory. It reflects the edges of the alloy in a fantastic fashion. This also increases the longevity and flexibility of the product considerably. No wonder the product appears a total value addition to your kitchen, even when placed under the sink.
  • Installation – Installation is as easy as money and as smart as paint. Quick Lock Sink Mount makes sure that you face no problems while installing or mounting the setup. Of course, you can still take professional help if you find the task daunting.
  • Any volume of food – The one common refrain about garbage disposal units is that they collapse or crumble under the pressure of too many or too hard food items. Thanks to the powerful motor and technology-laden grinding system, Evolution Excel makes you breathe easily even if you threw a rather lavish party last night. This is a solid attestation to the product’s merits.
  • The jam sensor – Another standard grievance is the frequency of clogging and jamming that garbage disposal units face. With Jam Sensor in place, you get to know when the product has encountered hindrance of passage and you can manually set the product right.
  • Batch-feed system – While some may feel the batch-feed system to be one of its demerits, Evolution Excel ensures security and composure of mind through this process. Kids are saved from shocks and blocking of fingers, as you don’t feed garbage into an active unit.
  • Warranty – You get 7 years of in-home warranty for labor and parts. This translates into ease of mind. You just have to give a call to customer care and you will get free help in a quick time. Now, 7 years is a decent period and in-home assistance is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Efficiency call – The product is made entirely in the USA and belongs to a company which places reputation on everything else. The chain of Evolution products is renowned for its genuineness and efficacy. It would not, thus, be wise, to remain aloof from the effects of its products such as Evolution Excel.
Some people found this model is very slow to drain.

There are also negative feedbacks from customers complaining that the bottom of the disposal starts to leak in a few months of utilization.


Evolution Excel has a refined and simple way of cleaning and removing. This attribute makes this product an authoritative and wholesome product.

If you are energy-conscious and understand the value of food recycling, you will feel the impact of Evolution Excel in its fulsome premise.

So what are you waiting for? The space under your sink has been desperate for a quality product to sit underneath its wings.

Treat it to the comfort of this special product and let the garbage literally go down the drain.

Contribute to the environment through the merits of Evolution Excel.

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3. Waste King Legend L-8000TC

L-8000TCThe product has an ultra-powerful 1 HP motor which is a pivotal reason behind its exceptional capacities.

You are advised to utilize the product with a separate cord and electrical outlet and conveyed that it may lead to a high electricity bill.

The voltage and amperage demanded are on the higher side.

The product offers a three-stage grinding process, which is all the more invigorated by the tremendous torque of the motor.

It is of average size, making it adjustable in any sized kitchen.

The continuous-feed process and the powerful grinding together ensure that even large families with frequent parties won’t have to bother.

The noise element does bother a bit despite the presence of the vibration units.

The revs taken by the motor create too much noise to dilute by these means. The internal nylon lining and corrosion-resistant drains keep the clogging agents at bay.

It is compatible with the dishwasher but not with a septic tank. It is extremely easy to install and mount; if you follow the guidelines.

The product is quite durable thanks to the stainless steel design and adds to its long-lastingness with a lifetime warranty on labor and parts.

It is also dreamily priced at $220 when you consider the effects it has on the garbage.

It can take care of even the large food items and continuous-feed processing means it does so in a quick time.

Yes, you should take precautions against shocks by not taking the hand too close to the vent while depositing the garbage.

Prominent Features:
  • Batch Feed Disposer – Waste King Legend 8000 TC is a batch feed garbage disposal unit. You have to fill the grinding chamber and place the cover back to make it work. It only runs when the cover is in place. This minimizes the chances of any accident and also lets you fish out anything that shouldn’t be there (a spoon or a knife, etc.) and has dropped in by accident.
  • 1 HP + 2800 RPM – Provided with 1 horsepower motor which spins at 2800 RPM, the efficiency of this unit is definitely not in doubt. It is one of the most powerful units of its type available in the market today.
  • EZ-Mount Installation – Hassle-free, EZ-Mount installation of the unit has removed a big hurdle and now you just have to follow the manual to profit from this incredible facility.
  • Swiveling Impeller + Vortex Motor – Swiveling Impeller system teamed up with Vortex technology motor makes this garbage disposal function super fast and super efficient. It can grind away heavy amounts of kitchen waste using less water and less time to grind.
  • Corrosion Resistant – It’s grinding chamber and grinding parts are corrosion free. There are no chances for them to get rusted. It means it is extremely durable. The reason why most of the disposers get cracked is usually corrosion of the chamber. Well, this one would never corrode!
  • Removable Splash Guard – Provision of the removable splash guard has made garbage disposal a mess-free and tidy operation. While the splash guard keeps a check on the messy splashes, it can be removed, cleaned and replaced again.
  • Sound insulated – The unit is sound insulated. The grinding chamber is of glass-filled nylon which keeps the operation amazingly quiet. So noise is definitely not an issue here.
  • Dishwasher Compatible – It can be safely hooked up with your dishwasher.
  • Eco-Friendly – It can be safely used with a properly sized septic tank meaning it will be sending your waste for recycling. So, it is eco-friendly!
  • Saves Power – Waste King Legend 8000 TC uses power only when you need it. It means while using this garbage disposal system you’ll be saving energy!
  • 10 Years Warranty – Although corrosion free, it is backed up by 10 years in-home service warranty. If a defect appears during this period, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost.
The only problem reported so far is that the cover has to be placed properly to make it work.

Well, that’s what a batch feed is supposed to do!


Waste King Legend 8000 TC presents a garbage disposal system that is super fast, efficient and corrosion free.

It can grind down anything that is thrown into it, obviously not the hard beef bones. It is very effective in grinding most type of organic wastes.

The best thing about it is that it only operates when you put the cover back. It means it is safe to use.

This product is definitely the best garbage disposal available if you want a safe, controlled grinding procession of your food waste in your kitchen.

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Cleaning A Garbage Disposal

You should, for courtesy sake, clean a garbage disposal every fortnight. This keeps the functioning smooth and helps in ensuring the longevity of the product.

You should also go for a regular licensed electrical inspection to make sure that the circuits are behaving in a correct manner.

Placing surge protection is a great idea to prevent overloading catastrophe. Here is how you clean garbage disposal.

Shut the disposer and then put ice cubes into it. Deposit rock salt over the ice cubes and together, they will weigh down any existent clogging agent in the disposer.

Now, switch on the disposer and pour cold water into it for about 10-15 seconds. Shut the disposer and by then, the water will have flown taking the crushed ice and rock salt along with it.

You should test the veracity of cleaning by placing lemon peels into the disposer after activation.

A verily cleaned product will quickly grind the peels and turn it into pulp.

Best garbage disposal companies generally provide a warranty of 5 years up to a lifetime.

Still, it is preferable to take good care of the product so as to minimize the need for an availing warranty.

Thus, it is important to clean the disposer at regular intervals (every 15 days).

Energy-Conscious Contribution

It is a fact that these garbage disposers do the environment a great help by liquefying the garbage.

This is extremely environment-conscious, especially when you compare it with the alternative; of burdening the landfill.

This way, the food may be recycled and put to use to create fertilizers and even biogas.

Be a positive contributor towards the energy requirements of the planet by installing a worthy and value-added garbage disposer.

Enlighten Your Children

Families with kids and pets need to be doubly careful, especially when they have powerful electronic appliances in place.

Kids have this tendency to get close to the noise-making appliances and may place their hands in the garbage disposer.

There is also the risk of their incurring electrical shocks. You should advise them against getting near to these products; whether working or idle.

Removing a Garbage Disposal

When the product expires or goes off track, you may have to replace the product or at least remove it to take a professional check.

Thankfully, removing garbage disposal is a convenient job, especially if you have learned how to install it.

You will need a screwdriver, pliers, knife; wrench, scouring pad and a bucket. You will basically have to shut the connection and disconnect the dishwasher and drain.

Take off the solid stuff from the disposer with the help of pliers. Unhinge the mount with the help of a screwdriver.

The gasket won’t come out without releasing the locking ring and here is where the wrench comes to help.

You get the wrench along with the product, as it is specifically meant to release the locking ring and thus the gasket.

Remember to disconnect the electrical setting from the relevant panel in the disposer.

The bucket and scouring pad is for eventual cleaning and collection of garbage and debris.


It is easily inferred that every conscientious citizen of the world needs to have a garbage disposer in place; beneath the sink.

The question is how to make the choice. We have placed reviews of three best garbage disposal units for your convenience.

Just take a look at the garbage disposal reviews to increase your knowledge about the various facets of these disposers.

You will get information about how to install a garbage disposal, how to activate and utilize them to take credible steps to clean a garbage disposal.

If you ask us, we have diligently analyzed the three variants and feel that Kitchen Aid is the best for you if you have a small family and generally do not entertain too many guests.

If you have a septic tank, kids, and a moderately sized family, you should choose InSinkErator product, which will suit many of your requirements.

However, if you wish for the exquisite handling of affairs even when you have a large family and continual gatherings or parties at home, you should not look beyond Waste King Legend 8000.

Even if you wish to pick other products, you should remember to consider the various facets to assess the viability of the product.

Don’t choose in a hurry. Take your time, assess your family requirements, and then make the selection.

Let your troubles flow down the drain.

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